What Do Mouse Tracks Look Like?

While their tiny size and nocturnal behavior can make detection difficult, mice frequently leave sure signs of their presence. Mouse tracks are a common sign of rodent infestation. Mice have 4 toes on their front feet and 5 on their hind feet. They also have claws, which may or may not be apparent in their tracks. Mouse footprints are often accompanied by a viewable trail created by the long tail of the mouse as it comes into contact with the ground.

Measuring the exact size of mouse tracks can help identify the species that made the tracks. The tracks of the white-footed mouse generally range from half an inch to just under an inch in both length and width, while the footprints of the house mouse are usually less than half an inch in size. Field mice create footprints with measurements of about an eighth to a quarter of an inch for the front feet and roughly a quarter of an inch for the hind feet.

Where to Look

Mice tend to follow the same routes repeatedly when they search for food. As a result, their tracks are most often found in areas of the home where the mice are known to travel. Look for mouse footprints on the ground next to walls, as mice like to move along the edges of structures. Mouse tracks are also often found behind household furnishings and in dark corners. Unlike rats, mice will investigate new objects that appear in their territory.

When to Contact a Expert

The presence of mouse tracks is a clear sign of infestation. Mice tend to stay close to their nest and seldom travel more than 10–25 feet from their home. Finding mouse tracks therefore means the nest is located within close proximity. Furthermore, due to the rapid rate at which they breed, mice can quickly create large infestations that may be very difficult to remove without the services of a pest control professional. This makes it highly advisable to contact a expert pest control specialist at the first sign of mouse tracks or other mouse activity.

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