What Does Armadillo Scat Look Like?

Armadillo scat is usually in the form of small pellets about an inch long. What armadillo poop looks like depends on what the animal ate recently. Their feces typically contain parts of the bugs and other insects that make up their diet. Small bits of soil, twigs, and debris consumed while eating grubs and larvae are also detectable in armadillo droppings.

Signs of Infestation

Property owners are most likely to notice armadillo dung around the burrows and culverts where these animals hide. Because they eat frequently, armadillos also leave their waste near foraging sites like flowerbeds. If you suspect an armadillo has made a home on your property, Contact Us at Critter Control of Madison for professional removal! 

Hazards of Armadillo Feces

It is possible for armadillo scat, meat, and skin to carry the bacteria that spreads leprosy. To mitigate the risk of illness, people should avoid contact with the pests or their waste. Do not dig in gardens with unidentified animal poop, and stay away from armadillos in the yard. Property owners can try to deter armadillos from damaging their lawns by trimming thick brush or tall grass. This eliminates hiding places and deters the pests from sticking around. Call Critter Control of Madison today!

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