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Fred Harrington
Cody did an excellent job! He clearly took our concerns and experiences seriously, he was respectful and timely. His communications were clear and consistent. I highly recommend Cody.
Patty Rehm
What a pleasure doing business with Cody and his workers. So very diligent and thorough. I highly recommend this company. They are so on top of everything.....they inspect and take photos of where critters can come into your home. Then ?
Renate Bennett
Cody and his team were very professional and thorough in determining where the noises in our walls were coming from. They found bats in the attic, chipmunks, and the most confounding one - squirrels. They inspected the whole exterior of ?
Great experience using critter control. Shane was very knowledgeable and helped me understand the issue I was having with the mice in my attic as well as my insulation issue. The crew did a fantastic job on the attic restoration and they ?
ruth rodman
Shane was amazing.! I had raccoons, birds and squirrels that wanted to use my attic as a nest for the winter and caused some havoc including a mother raccoon orphaning 5 of her 2 week old babies. Theses guys where there every step of the way.! Amazing company. Great work done.
Jeanie Larson
Shane was great at explaining what needed to be done and how it would be accomplished. He responded to my email question and said I could contact him if I had any more concerns. Andy and Chase did a good job with removal and clean up in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend this company!
Melinda Hughes
Very professional, timely, and thorough. Got right to work and completed it on time, as promised. Also provided a two year warranty. Worth the investment to get it done right!
Jennifer Myers
A squirrel got into my attic crawl space and then moved his family in. They built their nest right above my bedroom. The scratching at 5am was unbearable and they had to go! I called Critter Control and they had Shane out that day. He even ?
Chantelle Bray
Paden was more than a pleasure to work with. He took his time explaining the process and answering any questions I had. He was very professional at all times and did exactly what he said he was going to do. I couldn't be happier with the service we got! 5 stars across the board!!
Marsha Tenwinkel
Had a problem with bird nesting in 2nd level siding. Very courteous workers were able to remove nest, place a one-way door to site to allow any possible ?critters? to leave area but not re-enter, then removed that door after several days, ?